Soon: Cavaliada CSI3*-W and Polish riding horse sale ‘Time for Polish Horses’

CAVALIADA Tour 2015/16 starts next Thursday in Poznań. During the subsequent legs of the tour (Poznań, 10-13 December, 2015; Lublin, 4-7 February, 2016; and Warsaw, 25-28 February, 2016) riders will compete for nearly PLN 1,500,000. This season, the additional prize pool for the winners of the entire cycle is PLN 75,000. Moreover, nine competitions will be included in the Longines Rankings: three in Poznan, two in Lublin and four in Warsaw.

Invariant points of CAVALIADA are special contests highly popular among the audience: the Puissance on Thursday, Venus vs Mars on Friday, Saturday Speed & Music or Driving contests on Friday and Saturday, all very exciting and unpredictable every time.

Parallel to the sports part of CAVALIDA, other events and exhibitions will take place: professional equestrian equipment and accessories fair, educational games and courses for kids and adults, and PZHK Polish Breeding Pavilion.

PZHK invites all horse enthusiasts to participate in our 120th jubilee celebrations, including a riding horse auction entitled ‘Time for Polish Horses’ that will take place in the Polish Breeding Pavilion on 11-13 December. For the auction catalogue and programme please visit