Wery good results of Polish horses in Pompadour (FRA)

We encourage you to check final results of horses anglo-arabian Championships, which took place on 18th-21st of September in Pompadour (FRA).

In 2-years old stallions (part II – AA) won polish breeding JAREMA m(AA) (Frazes m – Jutrzenka m /o Elsing oo) breed and belonging to Mirosław Janik. In the same age class but for mares second was JĘTKA m(AA) (Juniperus m – Jedlinka m / Puszczyk m) breed and own to Bogusław Dąbrowski.

In classification for 2-years mares and stalions (group III) second was Kadyks m (Frazes m – Kleopatra m / Emetyt m) bred and own to Jan Zuber, and Jodła m (Juniperus m – Jedlanka m / Jun Bej m) bred and own to Bogusław Dąbrowski, was the first.

In 3-years old main classification for mares and geldings (exterior, free jumping and jumps under saddle) fourth place belongs to Armeria m(AA) (Efekt m – Aragona m / Szał xxoo) bred and own to SK Janów Podlaski. In the same time mare Megami m (Sword xx – Morfina m / Emir m) bred and own to. Aleksandra Łoja got the second place in 3-years old horses III group, with only 0,006 lost to gelding Jackpot (DH Jeannot AA – Diva AA / Don Ramiro han) bred by famous of anglo-arabian breeder Andreasa Gygaxa from Switzerland. Both horses were presented by Agnieszka Kolek-Kowieska.

The rest polish horses: Elegra m (Emetyt m – Emi m / Monsun m) bred/own. Sławomir Supera, Espalion m (Emetyt m – Eureka m / Plaster m) bred/own Jan Zuber, Fala m (Polder m – Fenicja m / Kamp m) bred: Stanisława Stasiuka, own: Huberta Majkutewicza and Saruman m (Minaret m – Sisley m / Kamp m) bred/own Sławomir Frosik were rated out of classification because they do not meet the conditions of international stud book.

We would like to congratulate all breeders who decided to take part in this championships in France. We are very proud that polish hoses were so good evaluated.



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