We know this year’s Free-Jumping Champions!

Third National Comparative Horse Breed Show in Free Jumping was held today during Cavaliada Tour in Poznan. In the category of two-year-old horses the Champion was Wielkopolska mare Gothika (Comilfo Plus Z westf. – Greace wlkp / Larron hol.) bred by Monika Tadych. The title of Vice-Champion was won by two-year-old Polish Half Bred stallion Coolio S (Comilfo Plus Z westf. – Calvada S sp / Calvados Z Z) bred by Hubert Szurik. The winning stake was closed by Polish Halfbred stallion Casino White SM (Hickstead White old. – Cantinera hol. / Cassini I hol.) bred by Mr. Ferdynand Szczepaniak.

In the three-year-old category the first place went to Polish Halfbred mare Czurida GR (Salamon BWP – Czurina sp / Turbud Quirinus BWP) bred by Mr. Ryszard Gardyjas. The Vice-Champion in this category was Polish Halfbred mare Capella (MJT Nevados S sp – Celyna wlkp / Landor old.) bred by Adam Mróz. The second Vice-Champion in the three-year-old horse category was the Wielkopolska mare Bogini (Coriano’s Ass hol. – Bogota wlkp / Elmero KWPN) bred by Racot Stud.

Congratulations to the Breeders of the winning horses!

We invite all of you to read the article about Third National Comparative Horse Breed Show in Free Jumping, in the winter issue of “Hodowca i Jeździec”, which will be published in mid-January 2020.

We also invite you to watch the footage from the show

III Ogólnopolski Czempionat Koni Ras Szlachetnych w Skokach Luzem


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