Warunki udziału w aukcji

Conditions of the Sale



  1. Both individual persons and corporate buyers may participate on equal terms in the bidding without any restrictions.
  2. No registration as well as no paid deposit is required to participate in the auction.




  1. The bidding will be conducted in PLN. The minimum bidding increment is to be PLN 500.– (say five hundred POLISH ZLOTY).
  2. Each horse has a reserve price. The reserve price will not be made public before, during or after the auction. Each horse sells after achieving its reserve price, unless otherwise stated.
  3. The bid purchase price is the price net, which will be increased by VAT at the applicable rate (8 %).
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to refrain from accepting any bid or to make the particular bidding null and void without giving any reason therefore.
  5. If any dispute arises between two or more bidders the horse in dispute will be immediately put up for advance bidding starting from the highest level reached before the dispute arouse or the dispute will be settled by the Organiser.
  6. PZHK reserves the right to withdraw any lot or lots from the auction before or during the bidding without giving any reason therefore.


  1. Each horse offered for sale has a confirmed pedigree and is entered to the Studbook or meets criteria for acceptance in the Studbook.
  2. Each horse offered for sale has a set of clinical examination results and X-rays.
  3. On demand of the client, the veterinarian available at the ground of the event will share the test results and x-rays. On demand and cost of the client, he will also make an additional pre-sale examination and x-rays of limbs of the horses offered.



  1. The Buyer of each horse is obliged:
  2. to sign the contract presented by PZHK right after winning the bidding or obtaining the right to purchase;
  3. to state exact personal data and present an identification document or documents confirming the legal status of his/her business (corporate buyers only);
  4. to pay the total contract value, in cash or by unconditional money order to the account given in the provisional invoice, within seven days counting from the date of the Sale. Extension of the payment deadline could be done exclusively on the basis of a bank guarantee presented by the Buyer.
  5. to present, on PZHK request, the guarantee of covering all the expenses connected with the maintenance of the horses after the auction including stabling costs as well as the export shipment including costs of veterinary tests, forwarding expenses, custom clearance, costs of shipping the blood or serum samples to the laboratories performing the test etc.
  6. to pick up each horse, purchased during the auction, at his own expense on the date and at the place named by the owner of the horse.
  7. If the Buyer would fail to fulfil any of the conditions specified above:
  8. he loses the right to the horse as though he would resign from the purchase;
  9. each horse may be sold once again. In any case the sale might be effected right away or later on during a public auction or direct sale.
  10. The title of possession concerning the horse being purchased would not be transferred to the Buyer unless he should pay the total amount of money being due including all the remaining expenses connected with the present conditions or other dues towards PZHK.
  11. Risk connected with the horses being purchased is transferred to the Buyer at the moment of the contract signing.
  12. If the Buyer would refuse to pay the money due for any horse within the time being stated in these conditions either PZHK or the owner of the horse has the right to demand the payment from the Buyer as well as to find and use all legal terms to obtain that.
  13. Picking up the horse being purchased from the place of the auction would be possible only in case of immediate payment of the total contract value in cash, certified cheque or by confirmed money order to PZHK.
  14. Immediately after the auction is finished all the horses being sold should be shipped back to the stables of the owner of the horse in order to be maintained there at the Buyer’s risk and the expense of the owner up to 30 days after the Sale. Further stabling is possible at the Buyer’s expense of PLN 40,– per day.
  15. Other solutions concerning transportation or maintenance of the horses after the time stated in these conditions may be settled directly between the Buyers and the owners of the horses on the basis of separate agreements


  1. It is highly recommended for each Buyer to carefully inspect the horses before the purchase.
  2. All the horses are being sold on the conditions stated by PZHK in these rules. All statements and corrections concerning the data in the catalogue announced during the presentation of the horses are in force and due to that all the Buyers are obliged to be present at the beginning of the presentation of a particular horse in order to learn all announcements concerning this horse



  1. All persons present at the ground of the event throughout the entire time are doing so at their own responsibility. The Organisers of the auction will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, which could happen to any persons during the whole event.
  2. The owner of the horse is responsible for the damage of the horse as a result of any disease, accident or any other cause, from the moment of entering the ground of the auction and during the whole stay unless the particular horse would be sold which should result in transferring the risk concerning the horse to the Buyer at the moment of the contract signing.
  3. PZHK is not responsible for any horse, neither for any damages nor for any bruises, which could occur during stabling the horses at the ground.
  4. PZHK is not responsible for any damage done by any horse as a result of any disease, accident or any other cause during the whole stay at the ground.
  5. PZHK reserves the right to inspect a particular horse or all the horses entering and/or stabled at the ground of the event and to forbid the entrance or to isolate any horse considered to be not suitable for sale due to any reason. PZHK is not responsible for the result of inspection, a withdrawal or an isolation of the horse.